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Wild Orchid Farm

Located on a working farm this charming studio unit is in the upstairs of a newly renovated 1800’s farm house. Enjoy the exposed rafters, kitchenette, private bathroom, four-piece bathroom with soaker tub and separate one-piece shower. Turn in for the night on bamboo sheets under a handcrafted wool comforter.

This is a working farm with cows in the field, chickens free-ranging and Alpine dairy goats.

Your stay here will often start with the rooster announcing the start of the day. Chickens free-range around the barn yard and lawns while cows spend their days in the fields. Alpine Dairy goats will be grazing nearby your AirBnB and later in the summer months hay will be made in the adjacent fields.

Our Story

How We Got Started

Our oldest child always complained about her stomach hurting after consuming dairy products. We tried everything – to no avail. Sitting on our deck one night, we studied the big barn sitting vacant and thought why not try goat’s milk? It was supposed to be easier to digest.

Surrounded by dairy farms and 4H clubs we soon found a beautiful, black and white doe named Emma. We bred her and waited eagerly all that winter and spring for our first goat kids and of course, our first milk.

Jack was born in May and Emma gave us lots of creamy, delicious milk. We fell in love with the goats. Best of all, Brianna’s stomach no longer hurt when she drank milk.

One goat led to another…and another. Goats are addictive. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Soon, we had another problem, though – an overabundance of milk. That’s when Wild Orchid Farm Goat’s Milk Soap was born.

"This has been a delightful place from which to explore Antigonish and the coast. We’ve experienced Airbnbs in many countries but Wild Orchid Farm has to be the most comfortable and beautifully appointed we’ve stayed in."

Pamela & Ian
Mantangi, New Zealand

"Thank you so much Ashley for allowing us to spend the night at your beautiful place.It is lovely and peaceful. We loved meeting Scotia and hearing your rooster crow. We will be back again when we visit our daughter at StFX!"

Kim, Megan & Paige
United States (US)

"We could not be more pleased with our stay at Wild Orchid Farm! Ashley, your place is absolutely! Your thoughtful touches and incredible hospitality made us feel extremely welcomed. My only wish is that we had another day to enjoy the farm and space! We will hopefully be back in the future! Thanks for everything!"

Colette & Dane
Ottawa, Ontario


Wild Orchid Farm

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