Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Goat’s Milk So Skin Friendly?

Goat’s milk contains alpha hydroxyl acids, vitamins, minerals, and cream.  Alpha hydroxyl acids work by breaking down dead skin cell bonds.  The soap lather washes them from the surface of your skin, leaving the new cells behind.  The vitamins and minerals not only nourish your skin but they are also absorbed into your body.  The cream in the milk soothes dry and damaged skin and is considered to be anti-inflammatory.   Our goat’s milk soap is gentle enough to use on all skin types.

How is Shipping Calculated?

We ship our packages via Canada Post at a flat rate of $15 within Canada when your order is less than $100. Orders over $100 will receive free shipping in Canada. We don’t make money from shipping, it’s just the nature of shipping such heavy bars of soap that drive shipping costs.

We ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Once shipped the order typically takes 7-9 business days to arrive.

What about exchange rates?

Exchange rates fluctuate daily, and we’re soap makers, not day traders. Our prices are listed in Canadian Dollars and we let PayPal and the credit card companies handle the exchange rates. Therefore there can always be slight variations in what your card will be charged vs what the exchange rate is at the moment of purchases. It’s the nature of exchange rates and we hope you understand.


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