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Large Tartan Throws


 These throws are made of cozy fleece and measure 50 inches x 80 inches. Perfect for snuggling under on a cool night.


I am delighted to offer our Maritime Tartans in a variety of products. For those that have moved away from the Maritimes, the tartan is a remembrance of home.

Please be advised that during Covid some of the material can be difficult to source and some items may not be available once sold out.

The colors in the Cape Breton Tartan represents the following: black for the wealth of our coal mines. Grey for steel. Green is for the mountains, valleys and fields. Gold is for the sunsets.

The colors in the Nova Scotia Tartan represents the following: blue for the sea, white for the granite rocks and surf, grreen is for our forests,gold is for the Royal Carter, and red is for the Lion Rampant on our provincial flag.

The colors in the Newfoundland Tartan represents the following: green for the pine clad hills, white is for snow, brown is for iron, and red is for the Royal Standard and her British origins, and gold is for the sun’s rays.

The official tartan for Canada is the Maple Leaf Tartan.The four colors reflect the color changes of the maple leaf during our four seasons. Green in the spring, gold in the autumn, red at first frost and brown after falling.

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